Organizational Values

Organizational Values

According to the Minister of EMR Decision Number 1808 K/07/MEM/2015 on Organizational Values of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Ministry has the following five values:


The Ministry should think, behave, and act in a full trustworthiness, transparency, integrity, code of ethic obedience, and loyalty to the nation and state.


The Ministry should work passionately, carefully, in accountable manner, by discipline, accurately, and comprehensively by using the best competence in a full responsibility, high commitment, internal and external synergy, as well as being able to plan the future development.

The Ministry should give the best services by understanding the needs of stakeholders wholeheartedly, proactively, professionally, in simplicity, efficiently, and on time in order to fulfill internal and public satisfaction.

The Ministry should be open-minded, always be learning for self-improvement, have useful new ideas, and be able to find alternative solutions to accelerate the targets achievement.

The Ministry should be a humanitarian institution, beneficial for itself, others, people, nation and state, then by the end, will be a role model, a place to ask, be a good leader and problem solver.