Inspectorate General

Inspectorate General is under the authority of and responsible to the Minister. An Inspector General leads the Inspectorate General.

Duties and Functions

Inspectorate General is responsible for internal supervision in the Ministry. In performing those duties, Inspectorate General has the following functions:

  1. formulating technical policy for internal supervision in the Ministry;
  2. giving internal supervision in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources over the performance and finance through audit, review, control, and other supervisions;
  3. performing supervision for certain purposes based on the assignment of the Minister;
  4. formulating report of supervision in the Ministry;
  5. managing the administration of Inspectorate General;
  6. performing other functions assigned by the Minister.

Organizational Structure

InspectorateGeneral consists of:


  1. InspectorateI;
  2. InspectorateII;
  3. InspectorateIII;
  4. InspectorateIV;
  5. InspectorateV.