Secretariat General

Secretariat General is under the authority of and responsible to the Minister. A Secretary General leads the Secretariat General.

Duties and Functions

Secretariat General is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the duties, development and administrative support to all elements of the organization in Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. In performing those duties, Secretariat General has the following functions:

  1. coordinating the programs in Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources;
  2. coordinating and formulating plans, programs, and budget for Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources;
  3. developing and giving administrative supports including administration, personnel, finance, general affairs, cooperation, public relations, archive, and documentation of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources;
  4. developing and maintaining the organization and management;
  5. coordinating and formulating legal drafting as well as legal advocacy;
  6. maintaining state-owned assets and the service of governmental goods/services procurement;
  7. implementing other functions as mandated by the Minister.

Organizational Structure

Secretariat General consists of:

  1. Planning Bureau
  2. Human Resources Bureau
  3. Organizational and Management Bureau
  4. Financial Bureau
  5. Legal Bureau
  6. General Affairs Bureau
  7. Communication, Public Information Services, and Cooperation Bureau
  8. Center fo State-Owned Asset Management
  9. Center for Data and Information Technology