Logo Meaning

Logo KESDM an identification or identity is fixed and the official form of symbols or letters used in the Official Papers as an identity easier for the public to know her. KESDM logo can be used on the award / charter / Certificate, Certificate of Graduate Education and Training (STTPL), plaques, books, uniforms, and the magazine published by the MEMR and the like.

With the proliferation of errors that occur in the use of the logo Ministry of Energy, it is felt necessary to clarify the circulation of the error. In accordance with the ESDM No. 42 of 2015 On the Official Papers KESDM, has explained that the use of the logo KESDM used in an official event must follow the rules properly.

Meaning / Meaning shape KESDM Logo:

  1. Pangka pentagon Nations describes the philosophy of Indonesia, Pancasila;
  2. Yellow spheres illustrate the world, in which there are three (3) line across the middle and upper black illustrates the layout of the Republic of Indonesia is geographically located in the middle of the equator that runs vertically from the West to the East;
  3. 3 (three) thick black wavy line located at the bottom of the sphere of the world, Indonesia illustrates the layer of earth containing natural resources, mineral and energy potential and is managed by MEMR to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people. In addition, three (3) layer of earth it describes also the biosphere, lithosphere, and the hydrosphere.
  4. The upright tower towering black color with a plumb line in the middle layers of the earth penetrating describe derrick as a means of exploration which is KESDM task. In addition, the tower also symbolizes the high voltage power pole in the development and construction of electricity in Indonesia;
  5. belencong picture hammer and black across the front of the tower is a symbol of the basic equipment of exploration of mineral (mineral);
  6. 2 (two) images flash yellow on a black base that is located above the yellow world sphere describe a flash of electric current which is a secondary energy.
  7. the words "ENERGY AND MINERAL RESOURCES" yellow over black base located below the circle the world but in a black circle pentagon, which was written on the equator at the far right, shows the name of KESDM that have these symbols. Font used is a capital letter type arial.