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Ministry of EMR Got Two Trophies at the Media Relations Award

Jumat, 18 November 2016 16:48 WIB 330 Dilihat

BANDUNG - The festive atmosphere was looked on Friday night at the Haris Citylink Hotel (18/11). A strain of beautiful singing and traditional dance became an opening.  The host voice host excited to announce the various categories at the Media Relations Award (MRA) in 2016. In this event, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) won two best winners like the 3rd category about Publishing Media Internal Relations and the 2nd winner to Information Services.

The event of relations performance award held by the Governmental Public Relations Coordinating Board (Bakohumas) under coordinating the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) set up 6 categories that followed by Ministry/Institution, State Enterprises, Local Enterprises, Universities, Regional Governments, Regencies, and Cities of Indonesia.

The first category read by publishing of relations internal media to Ministry/Institution, State Enterprises, Local Enterprises, Universities. One of 6 nominees that mentioned is the Ministry of EMR. A tense atmosphere seemed to invited guests who can not wait for the announcement of the winner. Without wasting time, the host announced the three winners of the best and the Ministry of EMR succeeded to become the 3rd best winner.

The reading a category continues to Annual Report of Public Relations Performance Category and Information Services through Internet. The Ministry of EMR be nominated anymore in third category. The host read out the 3 winners of the best, once more, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources got a champion. This time, the title of the 2nd Best Winners for Information Services through Internet Category was achieved.

“The certificate and the cup is a proof that the performance of the Ministry of EMR’s service is appreciated by Bakohumas. Alhamdulillah, on the Category of Information Dissemination through the Internet, we only lost from the Ministry of Youth and Sport,” said Head of Communication, Public Information Service and Cooperation of the Ministry of EMR, Sujatmiko.

While holding two trophies and two certificates in his hand,  the figure friendly familiar called Mr. Miko is expressed happiness, “We are proud to participate and especially to be a winner in two categories in the prestigious event followed by possibly more than 100 participants from various institutions in Indonesia. We more appreciate the Ministry of Communication and Information for this event. Hopefully, in the same award in the next year, the Ministry of EMR can win more.”

Furthermore, Sujatmiko expressed to thank and appreciation to all ranks of the Ministry of Energy for this achievement. “Thank to the great family of the Ministry of EMR on the attention and support to the program of communication and public information services. Without the attention and support, the communication and public information services in the EMR sector is meaningless,” said Sujatmiko.

Of the six categories contested, the Ministry of Energy succeed nominated in three categories. The following types of categories: Publishing of Public Relations Internal Media, Information Services through Internet and Main Souvenirs. (NA)

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