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Batur Geopark Museum, Reflection of the Geologists and Volcano Observers

Minggu, 4 Desember 2016 10:24 WIB 349 Dilihat

BANGLI – The presence of Batur Geopark museum as a tourist destination is not only as a complement Batur Geopark area, but also it is as a reflection of geologists and volcano observers. It was Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR), Ignasius Jonan’s statement in the sidelines of his visit to the Batur Geoprak Museum on Sunday (4/12) of local time.

“Most importantly, this museum is a reflection from our geologists and also the friends who served as the volcano observers,” said Jonan in front of the media after going around Batur Geopark museum in Kintamani, Bangli, Bali.

Jonan warned that Mountain Batur is still quite active. Thus, according to Jonan that the equipment about volcanology monitoring should be added for a disaster mitigation as early as possible if there is an eruption in the future.

Nowadays, Batur Geopark is as Global Geoparks Network (GGN) by UNESCO. This selection is based on the process of Batur caldera formation because it has a double or a caldera in the caldera. The outer Caldera 1 wider shaped ellipse 13.8 x 10 km, trending northeast-southwest, was formed 30,000 years ago (Tyl). The inner Caldera (caldera-2) which is circular with a diameter of 7.5 km was formed 20,000 Tyl.

The caldera formation is unique because it is purely a result of the destruction by the massive eruption which brought an ignimbrit deposition in very large volumes. This is a deposition called “sandstone" by local Balinese people who until now still being used for building material temples, houses, sculptures, etc.

Jonan explained that Batur Geopark is one of the Geoparks in Indonesia. “Our Geoparks are very unique compared to other global geoparks,” said Jonan. Even so, Jonan reminded to maintain the cohesiveness inter-institutions and inter-stakeholders.

Currently, the Government is also proposing the Rinjani Geopark and Toba to Global Geoparks Network. (NA)

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