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Revising a Regulation of Downstreaming Minerba, Govern Keeps to Honor a Contract

Selasa, 20 Desember 2016 22:00 WIB 179 Dilihat

JAKARTA – A Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR), Ignasius Jonan stated the Government has been arranging a Government Regulation (PP) Plan about mineral and coal (Minerba) downstream(ing). This revision is conducted as a government effort in improving the mineral and coal governance. Nevertheless, the Minister of Jonan emphasized the Government honor a contract which are still effective although a new of Downstreaming PP is published.

Although changing a regulation, the Minister reiterated that the Government will continue to honor a contract to the end of the contract. “Well, there are some things here, the Government will continue to respect an existing contract. So, what is stated in the contract, will still be appreciated until the contract expires,” said Minister Jonan. However, the Jonan Minister kept reminding to stakeholders to keep follow the current regulations if the regulation does not exist in the contract. “Except it is does not set up, Of Course, it is her own fault, we are setting, now. So, it does not regulated, we set based on the public rules,” said the Minister of EMR.

So, the Jonan Minister declared the next regulation is made applicable regulations for the future, no for past time. “Moreover, I told these friends if making the PP or the law coming for the future, no for past time. What for to make a regulation for the past time,” said Jonan Minister.

Jonan Minister when delivering the keynote speech at the End of the Year Discussion of Mineral and Coal: Achievement 2016 & Outlook 2017 in Jakarta stated that the revision is a government step to improve the relation with the relevant parties. “This revision also improve the relation represented the Government or the State between the recipient of the producer,” said Jonan. (NA)

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