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Don't Go Home, Mom

Minggu, 11 Desember 2016 23:50 WIB 121 Dilihat

PIDIE JAYA - A traumatic incident wraps on children of Desa Pante Raja, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), they do not want go home that got the earthquake to 10 km depth. One of victims stated that to heal the children trauma is the biggest complaint from the refugees.  

"The difficult part for us is to heal children trauma," said the victim when the emergency response team to map the groundwater drilling locations on Saturday (10/12) in muenasha (praying place) of local village that became a refugee camp.

A total of 80 families (KK) with the number of 509 people are still in the refugee camps. Most of them want to return to their homes. Whereas, the condition of their homes are not too badly affected by shocks. But the invitation was rejected by their children. "Do not go home, Mom!" complained Pante Raja children while crying when invited to return to their homes.

According to him, the trauma was based on the tragedy of the tsunami that struck many parts of Aceh in 2004. "They (children) guided in the tsunami," he said. Separately, the emergency response team also met Zulfahmi along with his brother whom was in a tent outside the house. "I don't want go home. Afraid!," said the child who in the sixth grade elementary school.

Indeed, after the 6.5 magnitude quake on Wednesday (8/12), emergency response team of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) noted there were 73 aftershocks. Of course, it make an inconvenient their parents. Especially in refugee camps, residents Pante Raja previously difficult to get clean water. "We are having difficulty to access a clean water. When the earthquake happened, the water changed the color. Black mud," said one of the victims.

The result study of the emergency response team of the Ministry of the lack of clean water due to liquefaction processes which brings alluvial deposits with fine grain size that is saturated water. The team found an evidence of the fracture earthquake widths 15 cm in Pante Raja in the next to pond residents.

Fortunately, the clean water aid is get directly from the volunteers. "There is the clean water aid for this time," said Cici as head of Pante Raja village.

To respond it, the emergency rescue team of the Ministry of EMR on today, Sunday (11/2) also acted quickly by doing the drilling water in those locations. The drilling water is expected to solve the clean water crisis that happens in the village. (NA)

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