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Vision and Mission

Realization of the endurance and autonomous energy and increasing an added-value of energy and mineral that environmental-minded to provide benefits for the greater prosperity of the people.

In order to create a vision, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has the missions:

  1. Improve the security of energy supply and mineral in the domestic level
  2. Increase social accessibility to energy, mineral and geological information
  3. Encourage economical energy and mineral prices by taking into capacity of social economy
  4. Encourage increased domestic capability in energy management, mineral and geology
  5. Increase the added value of energy and mineral
  6. Improve coaching, management and control of energy and mineral operations by effective, efficient, competitive, sustainable and environmentally
  7. Improve the ability of research and development and education and training EMR
  8. Improve the quality of human resources and EMR sector
  9. Implement a good governance
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